BLURRED LINES: activewear x lingerie

Empower Strength Movement 

MICHI by Michelle Watson 

Michelle Watson created the gorgeous activewear brand, MICHI, in 2010. Her inspiration comes from superheroines, 90's designers and nature. MICHI is one of the top activewear brands out there (personally I believe one of the best!) but, while this brand is fabulous, you - my lingerie lovers - might be wondering why I am featuring an activewear line on a lingerie blog. Well, one of my most favorite parts about MICHI is that the designs are so in line with what we are seeing in the lingerie world currently: mesh, cut-outs, strappy bras, versatility and uniqueness, Michelle seeks inspiration from boudoir lingerie. Let me give you a little sneak peek into my personal background: I am a lingerie lover first and fitness junkie second so, to find a brand that combines both of my passions is truly a dream for me and this week, I wanted to share it with all of you. 

Empower, unique, strength, self-expression, quality, performance, conscious collection: all of these core values are so important to us (women) in so many different aspects of our lives. Whether it be attributed to the movements you see today in politics, entertainment, civil & women rights, to ready-to-wear fashion lines , to lingerie brands, these core values are so important to us. MICHI was created with these core values in mind. It combines those with a splash of intimate details to create an incredible line. 

Like lingerie brands, each piece from MICHI is created to flatter the female and her natural curves, to provide  support while you are working out (or just being that busy #bossbabe you are each day), and enhance your performance. I love the versatility of MICHI because not only can you wear it to the gym, you can wear it as part of your ready-to-wear outfit and most of the sports bras are definitely sexy enough for the bedroom. The color palette is divine and with this palette it is clear that Michelle is inspired by nature. Last, but certainly not least, all of their bras and leggings are created with sustainable textiles and produced in a female owned factory just outside of Toronto. MICHI never stops empowering and supporting women and gives me confidence the same way a gorgeous set of lingerie does.

There is so much more I can say about this brand, however, I know that once you see these pieces you will understand its connection to lingerie, you will understand why it is “boundary breaking” and I promise you will fall in love. I have featured some of my favorite pieces from the MICHI collection in my gallery* but I encourage you to head over to their website right away to experience all of the gorgeous pieces.


**Photo credit: generously providing all photos