Love and Luxury with Violet & Wren

So we are all very much familiar with this concept of Intimate Apparel as ready-to-wear by now, right? Not only is this concept of “inner/outer wear” one of the founding notions behind this blog but It also speaks to one of my core values that is: confidence. Confidence in that you should be proud of what you wear, how you wear it, to show it off and let what you wear empower you! 

Now, more than ever, we are seeing intimates made to be shown off, which is what attracted me to our brand of the month: Violet & Wren. Born in London, 2015 founders (& friends) Helen and Louise have created a collection that is so great it can be worn from bedroom to the streets. Each piece is so on trend with their luxury, silk/cotton blends and fresh hand -painted prints from botanical designs to contemporary stripes making it a statement in your wardrobe. Violet & Wren creates comfy pajamas you want to wear all day long, delicious loungewear, and kimonos that are to die for! Coming next year you will find some new categories that I cannot wait for you all to see in stores. Some personal favorite prints? I love the Pajama Set in Night Flowers prints and the Maxi Robe in Opium Haze.

Louise and Helen come from 10 years of experience in the fashion industry and used their skills to produce investment pieces that are guaranteed to last season after season. Pair pieces from Violet & Wren with fashion items from your current wardrobe to create a unique and great look. Designed in England and available globally, you can experience this fabulous brand so go ahead and #TreatYourself, everyone needs something super special in their wardrobe ;) 

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