A Letter to my #LingerieLovers

To my lingerie babes, 


I am sorry I have been on a little hiatus recently. Let’s just say: a LOT has been going on. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to come back with an article that does not focus on a lingerie brand but, rather, my “brand” (for lack of better word): Lingerie is Beautiful. Sometimes you need to hit the reset button and to remind ourselves of what is important and why we do what we do. So let me take a moment to express how I think it is so important for women to support women. Actually, scratch that, for people to support people. Coming from my personal experience, we cannot allow someone to squash our dreams or our art (in whatever form). We cannot let people put out our flame otherwise we will never grow. So don’t let anybody tell you that you should reconsider your creativity. That is you, your core, your soul. I am very lucky to now be surrounded by women, people, friends, family & colleagues who support my creativity, who inspire my confidence and who empower me. Surround yourselves with those people and to the others: time to let go. 

Writing this blog, as I have described before, stemmed from my career in intimate apparel which quickly became a passion for me. I discovered that within this industry many people are informed, however, outside of the industry, the consumer, majority of people regard intimate apparel as nothing more than bras and panties and are missing the opportunity that lingerie can give them. Some people might laugh at that, to be honest at times I make myself giggle thinking about how I have just described the perfect panty to the perfect feeling - but take a second to let it marinate, and you will get it. 

Let’s dial it back. Soon after the launch of this blog, I was reprimanded for acting on my creativity and sharing this message. I won’t lie, this was devastating. Something I have worked so hard for, something I became passionate about and could see a great future in, was pulled away from me, all because I took my passion one step further. In a world with so much hate, doubt, & negativity, how can we belittle the efforts of somebody who wants to spread a strong and healthy message? Well, it all happens for a reason. Oh that phrase we all love to hate and hate to love! It is true even if it takes us a while to get there. Knowing what I know now, do I want to work for a company who does not support creativity? No. Sorry, hell no! In the recent weeks I have been distant from Lingerie is Beautiful, and I think it will come as no surprise that I was battling some freakin roadblocks thrown my way.  I was angry, frustrated and I was not feeling very creative nor inspired. As things are starting to progress for me in my new career path, I have had some bumps along the way, but I will not back away from the obstacles thrown at me, I will take them on! I will not back away from my goals and I will keep sharing my message and passion to all the women around me and more!  So my friends, that being said, I needed a minute to collect myself, my thoughts, and refocus on my mission: to spread the love of lingerie and what it really should mean to women. 

My message has never been more personal than it has been recently: we should constantly inspire confidence, strength, empowerment and to never give up. In our life, every single day, we put on an outfit. This outfit is our chance to show all those aforementioned traits and how we express ourselves. So to me, it is clear that the power of clothing specifically in this case: lingerie, is not to be ignored. In our world today women are still fighting for equality, to be heard, to feel empowered. When I think of the one piece that, as women, we put on our body every day to make us feel strong and sexy, it's lingerie. What says “powerful women” more than a great bra & panty set. Sports bra, sexy bra, comfy grandmas lingerie - it does not make a difference. The message remains the same: put something on each morning that inspires your best self and carry that feeling with you all day. 

Stay tuned as I get back to it, highlighting the brands who feel equally passionate about the importance of women - people -  and whose garments speak to these issues. Lingerie is Beautiful, people are beautiful, people are strong and everyone is sexy. So to the ones who try to tell you otherwise: screw ‘em! But, when those ones realize that they are not helping themselves by putting down others: we will be here to show them the way towards eliminating self doubt, to inner & outer confidence, strength & to be sexy, whatever sexy is for you!

Meghan xx