Empowering Women - Empowering Lifestyle


Empowering Women - Empowering Lifestyle

Lingerie Lovers: As summer holiday is coming to an end I wanted to take my latest post to feature my top swimwear pick from the summer. Yes, this is a blog about empowering lingerie and will remain so. However, when you think about it, swimsuits are just bras and panties that have been deemed the most acceptable to wear in public.

Swimwear is another opportunity, much like that perfect set of lingerie, for a woman to feel confident, comfortable and sexy. A swimsuit complements a woman; it embraces every body type and while it is worn for the beach or pool, more often you find a swimsuit taken from beach to the streets.

Personally, I love a great swimsuit (almost) as much as lingerie and after many weeks of strenuous - insert sarcasm here - research I have stumbled across an incredible, emerging brand that I am calling my pick of the summer: Rose Marin Swimwear. This line focuses not only on producing gorgeous collections that can be worn all day on or off the beach, but, more importantly, "empowering women, empowering lifestyle

Rose Marin Swimwear is created in Portugal and cut from luxurious fabrics offering amazing resort and spring/summer collections. Designer, Tereza, brings you a line combining unique styles and patterns which express empowerment, femininity, sensuality and confidence. This contemporary line has a softness to each design complementing all body types and “embraces the perfection in the imperfection”.

With so many gorgeous swimwear brands on the market it is often difficult to find one brand that stands out. Rose Marin offers pieces with supportive straps, cut outs in all the right places, flattering angled cuts, high waist bottoms and sporty tops from bikinis to one pieces to strapless; you are guaranteed to find that perfect piece for you. This innovative swim line is one to watch as each signature collection breaks boundaries and I cannot wait to see what Rose Marin will launch next. 

Source & Shop: https://www.rosemarin-store.com