Lingerie is so much more than bras and panties. It is an opportunity for a woman to feel confident, strong, sexy and beautiful everyday. What is a woman’s first step to getting dressed each day? Underwear! But I would like to argue that there is more to it than that: this first step is a chance to slip on your confidence, to feel empowered, strong and sexy. Each and every woman should feel this every day.

I wanted to create this blog to not only share my favorite brands, boutiques, my overall love for lingerie, but to show all of you that there is so much more to this lingerie world. I would say I have two missions here:

  1. To show you  that lingerie is not limited to models and celebrities, but it is made for everyone regardless of shape, gender, and cup size. That it is an opportunity to bring out your strengths, your confidence and to feel damn good about yourself!

  2. Many of my readers are already members of the intimate apparel community and thus, know there is more to be discovered in lingerie. But with this blog I hope to reach more readers and to introduce you to the hundreds of amazing brands out there.

I love that women can feel empowered with a fierce set of lingerie, achieve comfort with foundation pieces, feel strong with sporty pieces and sexy with exciting pieces. My blog will explore so many brands from affordable to high-end; from sexy to comfy to sporty – and that there is no reason you cannot have a combination of those; to show you who is creating something special, different, innovative but to not leave out the classics. Overall, I want to share with you everything I have learned (and am still learning) since beginning my love affair with lingerie.

 “Lingerie is the maximum expression of a woman’s femininity” – Dolce & Gabana